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Offering innovative and economical non-carbon mercury capture products, advanced air quality technologies and professional consulting services. Proven performance, economics and compliance.

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Novinda’s mercury removal products ensure EPA compliance while reducing associated operating costs by up to 75%.

Product Technologies

Knowledgeable and experienced in the advanced chemistries of the complex operations of coal-fired boilers, Novinda develops sustainable product technologies to deliver environmental compliance with exceptional economics.

Professional Services

Novinda offers plant operators the wisdom and expertise derived from decades of meaningful industry experience to address the range of analytical, engineering, compliance, and testing challenges.

Performance & Economics

Novinda’s innovative products exceed environmental compliance standards, require no additive chemicals, leave fly ash pristine for resale, and offer exceptional economic performance with up to 75% cost-savings compared to PAC.

About Novinda

Advanced Air Quality Technologies

Novinda is an advanced air quality technology company, offering innovative proprietary products and essential services for owners and operators of coal-fired electric utility and industrial boilers.

Primarily known for its highly effective and economical non-carbon mercury capture reagent, Amended Silicates™, Novinda also offers additional products and professional consulting services that address the array of stack testing, air quality, regulatory and compliance issues confronting plant operators.

Why Novinda?

Whether removing mercury, oxidizing mercury or enhancing ESP performance, Novinda’s innovative products offer exceptional performance and superior economics, without corrosive halides, while preserving the fly ash for resale in concrete production.
Novinda’s Amended Silicates™ mercury removal products are based on a mineral technology and contain no carbon. The result is a non-flammable product that also sequesters captured mercury (Hg) to prevent potentially toxic leaching.
Producing AS-HgX creates 1/10 the GHG emissions of PAC production, and using AS-HgX instead of PAC could decrease CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing by 200,000 tons/year and prevent the release of another 1 million tons of CO2 by preserving fly ash for concrete production.

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Three Members of Novinda's Professional Team Are Presenting at 2016 EUEC

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Novinda's Steve Baloga will Speak at November 3 Air Quality Workshops on Amended Silicates for Hg Control and MATS Compliance

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Novinda Corporation Names Michael Rosenberg New CEO

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Novinda's Steve Baloga will Speak at November 3 Air Quality Workshops on Amended Silicates for Hg Control and MATS Compliance

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Novinda's Bromine-Free Mercury Control Products Offer a Real Solution to...

On September 30th, 2015 the EPA issued the Steam Electric Power Generating Effluent Guidelines and Standards (40 CFR Part 423) covering wastewater discharges from power plants operating as utilities. Of particular concern to the EPA is the potential for the discharge of bromides to the aquatic environment, which can generate trihalomethanes (THM) and similar compounds that pose a significant health risk. Sources of bromide in coal-fired power plants can be the use of brominated Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) for mercury control or the addition of calcium bromide to the coal feed to promote oxidation of mercury in the flue gas. The EPA is rightly concerned about the very real health risks associated with bromides entering either groundwater or drinking water supplies. Novinda's mercury control products are bromine-free and thus present no such risks.


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