The Future

With the growing recognition of AS-HgX as the optimum mercury removal compound for power plant operators in the US, Novinda is turning its attention and expertise to developing additional products capable of effectively addressing a range of other emission control issues. The product pipeline currently addresses additional mercury removal products, particulate removal compounds and a host of products for removing Selenium and other heavy, and toxic, metals.

Beyond the U.S.

Coal is the primary fuel source for industrial growth in Asia (especially India and China) and maintains a significant presence in Europe. While neither area currently maintains the same high emission standards for mercury and other HAPs as the U.S., historically they tend to follow the US’ lead when it comes to environmental protection. The likelihood is that both Europe and Asia will impose stricter standards on mercury and HAPs release in the not too distant future. With AS-HgX and the upcoming availability of its next-generation products, Novinda is and will be well positioned to provide its proven products and expertise to plant operators internationally.