Did You Know?
In 2008, over 12 million tons of fly ash were used in concrete within the U.S., representing 17% of the domestic fly ash produced. This reuse prevents approximately 12 million tons per year of CO2 emissions from the production of portland cement.

Amended Silicates Technology

Amended Silicates uses an innovative, patented chemical formulation that effectively removes mercury with a simple chemical reaction. The base component is a natural mineral compound that easily amends with metal compounds that have an affinity for mercury. Amended Silicates is produced via natural chemical reactions that allow for low energy consumption during the production process.

Amended Silicates offers economic and environmental advantages not available with other mercury removal products. Amended Silicates delivers an economical, consistent and robust performance across a variety of power plant configuations and operating conditions. Amended Silicates is cost competitive and 100 percent compatible with fly ash use in concrete products.

Key Benefits

  • Uses a natural mineral compound as its base component
  • Manufactured without excessive emissions and energy consumption
  • Cost competitive with carbon-based products
  • 100% compatible with fly ash use in concrete products
  • Non-flammable, non-abrasive
  • Cost-Competitive
  • Effective method of meeting federal/state mercury emissions caps
  • Fully compatible with most sorbent injection systems
  • Seamless integration with existing DSI systems 
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