As leaders in the coal-burning boiler industry, Novinda, its products and its professionals are often in the news. Following are a number of recent news items and resources featuring Novinda and it's products.

View the Latest Safety Data Sheet for AS-HgX-ESP

Category:Safety Data Sheets | Jan 16, 2017

Click here to download the latest SDS for AS-HgX-ESP


Mark Pettibone Joins Novinda Holdings as VP Commercial Development

Category:Press Releases | Dec 19, 2016

Novinda Holdings today announced that Mark Pettibone has joined the company as Vice President, Commercial Development. Pettibone brings more than 30 years of experience in the utility directed coal and air quality sectors, including technologies related to the capture of mercury from coal-fired power plant emissions.


Air Quality Workshop 2016, October 13th in Pittsburgh, PA


Steve Baloga, Novinda Holding's VP of Environmental Services is a featured speaker at this technical workshop focused on the latest technologies for compliance with the Boiler MACT and MATS. As these technologies have continued to evolve and improve, they have the potential to save you millions of dollars in compliance costs. Amended Silicates™ for mercury control will be presented and successful full scale trial results will be discussed for this non-carbon mercury control product. In addition, significant balance-of-plant benefits will also be part of the presentation. For more information visit:

Novinda Business Emerges from Bankruptcy Through Sale

Category:Press Releases | Aug 26, 2016Events

Novinda Holdings, Inc. (NHI) has acquired substantially all the assets of Novinda Corp. through its Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, effective August 12, 2016. Novinda Corp.’s employees and intellectual property have been transitioned to NHI. NHI has two strong investors in Altira Group, LLC and New Venture Partners, LLC. NHI will continue to supply Amended Silicates™ to existing customers and looks to expand its customer base.


Novinda experts provide TMPA with Hg control monitoring and testing services

Category:Case Studies | Dec 9, 2015

Novinda's experienced Environmental Services Team provided expert monitoring and testing services to the Texas Municipal Power Authority (TMPA) for Hg control tests at their Gibbons Creek Steam Electrical Station.


Novinda's Cliff Brown and Jim Butz Help Create Important ICAC Guidance Document

Category:Whitepapers | Oct 13, 2015

Novinda's Cliff Brown, VP of Applied Engineering, and Jim Butz,VP of Product Management, helped assemble a recent white paper for the ICAC: Guidance Document on Startup and Shutdown under MATS. This important document provides operators of coal-fired boilers with key guidance on the appropriate safe and effective methods for startup and shutdown of Air Pollution Control equipment and on measurement issues in order to comply with the EPA’s startup and shutdown provisions in the MATS and IB MACT rules, as well as the startup rules that ultimately become part of coal-fired boiler operating permits.


Novinda Corporation Names Michael Rosenberg New CEO

Category:Press Releases | Jun 18, 2015

Novinda announced that Michael J. Rosenberg has joined the company as CEO. Rosenberg has an exceptionally strong background in energy-related and cleantech industries, including work in bio technology, fuel cells and clean coal technology.


Novinda's Thomas Gale talks about Amended Silicates as an effective alternative to bromine

Category:Whitepapers | Mar 25, 2015

A recent (March 16, 2015) C&EN article focuses on the pros and cons of bromine for mercury removal. Gale, Novinda's technology director, however, points out how Novinda offers an effective and non-corrosive alternative to bromine. See the full article at:

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Novinda helps author new white paper on characteristics and best practices for injecting powders for mercury control.

Category:Whitepapers | Feb 20, 2015

With the deadline for MATS Compliance quickly approaching, many electric generating units will be installing pollution control systems that utilize powdered sorbents for the removal of mercury. While these applications have been practiced and proven for many years, the number of installations warrants a reminder about best management practices for these powdered materials to facilitate their process integration and safe handling. This paper presents the important characteristics of powders and a basic understanding of how they are applied to handling, transport, and injection. Best management practices are recommended for power plants to safely integrate, operate, and best utilize the applied sorbents and their injection equipment.


Novinda's AS-HgX in InnovatioNews, August 12, 2014


In an August 12, 2014 article in InnovatioNews, author Steve Porter highlights the many compliance, environmental and economic advantages of Novinda's AS-HgX to the coal-burning utility industry. Reprinted with permission: InnovatioNews (