Demonstrations of Amended Silicates for Mercury Control in Coal Fired Generating Units

Category: Whitepapers | Dec 11, 2012

Novinda Corporation is introducing a novel mercury removal reagent that features a mineral substrate as its base, with a proprietary chemical amendment to efficiently and effectively capture mercury from coal-fired power plant flue gas1,2,3. Early development of Amended Silicates was funded by U.S. EPA, DOE as well as private sources. Because of its unique formulation, Amended Silicates is compatible with the continued sale of fly ash as a replacement for portland cement in concrete. The particular components of Amended Silicates also render it a nonflammable product.


Full Scale Performance of Mercury Control with a Non-Carbon Reagent

Category: Whitepapers | Aug 1, 2012

Amended Silicates is a novel, non-carbon based mercury reagent that features a natural mineral substrate, which provides several advantages. Among those are its concrete compatibility (demonstrated in earlier trials) and non-flammability. This material has been under development and testing for several years, and is now available in commercial quantities for field trials and contract sales.