Novinda’s latest product, AS-Ox, offers operators of coal-fired power plants that burn PRB or bituminous coal and inject halogens (CaCl2 and/or CaBr2) to oxidize vapor-phase mercury an effective, economical and non-corrosive way to remove mercury.

Adding halides can promote mercury oxidation and removal, but it also creates its own accompanying problems:

  • Halide addition to the coal feed subjects the halogens to typical furnace temperatures (upwards of 2000º F), generating trace acid gases that are corrosive to the downstream balance of plant
  • Halide use can reduce useful life of Air Heater baskets from 5 years to 2 years or less
  • Halide use can result in expensive, unscheduled and unplanned plant down time

AS-Ox, built on Novinda’s award-winning Amended Silicates™ platform, eliminates the issues associated with halide addition to the coal feed and the propensity of wet scrubbers to re-emit mercury. Injected downstream of the boiler at cooler flue gas temperatures (just 300-600 degrees F) via a typical dry sorbent injection system, AS-Ox does not contain or generate damaging halogen gases, which means:

  • NO change in the flue gas environment
  • NO highly corrosive gases (HBr or HCl)
  • NO increased concentration of existing acid gases (HCl)
  • NO corrosive damage to the plant
  • NO expensive, unscheduled plant outages

AS-Ox matches halogen performance in mercury oxidation at a cost competitive with CaBr2 and even less than CaCl2. AS-Ox is appropriate for plants that utilize halide treatments for mercury oxidation and are equipped with SO2 scrubbers that capture oxidized mercury as a co-benefit (with or without ACI Injection). In full-scale power plant testing, AS-Ox consistently achieved mercury oxidation objectives without the mercury re-emission issues associated with some wet scrubber operations and eliminated the need for corrosive additive oxidation chemicals.

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