Novinda’s newest commercial product, AS-HgX–ESP™, is specifically designed for removing mercury from coal-fired power plants that utilize electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for particulate removal. The new ESP-optimized product also promotes improved ESP performance in those units burning Powder River Basin (PRB) sub-bituminous coals, due to its ability to lower resistivity of the PRB fly ash dust cake in the ESP. In sustained full-scale, side-by-side power plant testing, AS-HgX-ESP achieved or exceeded the mercury capture requirements of the EPA’s Mercury & Air Toxics Standards (MATS), doing so with up to three times greater performance than Novinda’s previous generation product.

Mineral-based Amended Silicates products do not contaminate fly ash, enabling its resale for use in concrete. Projections indicate revenue from fly ash sales, combined with the reduction or elimination of transportation and landfill costs can reach $2.4 million for a 400MW plant.

AS-HgX-ESP offers distinct advantages over both earlier generation products and PAC:

  • Requires no additive halogen chemicals for mercury oxidation, reducing the potential for corrosion
  • Produced with a substantially lower carbon footprint, just 10 percent that of activated carbon products
  • Preserves fly ash for resale for use in concrete products
  • Offers exceptional SO3 tolerance
  • Functions in a broad range of operating temperatures and coal types
  • Presents no hazardous material handling issues

Addressing the unique challenges of mercury removal in ESP-configured plants, AS-HgX-ESP reduces fly ash bulk resistivity by at least an order of magnitude, sufficient to produce significant improvement in the particulate capture efficiency of the plant’s ESP. This latest product will be commercially available for testing and long-term supply contracts in Q2 2015.