Novinda Professional Services

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Novinda is the unique professional services organization that offers both plant engineering and emission testing capabilities. Novinda’s professionals conduct single pollutant or full spectrum emissions testing, as well as comprehensive full-scale air pollution control trials.  From planning and technology execution to process sampling, emissions testing and on-site analytical services, Novinda’s highly experienced experts manage both short term and long-term trials.  With a comprehensive and integrated approach to air pollution control evaluation, the Novinda team addresses all anticipated balance of plant considerations and delivers reliable, objective technical and economic viability assessments that ensure optimal operations and environmental compliance.


Novinda owns and maintains a fleet of mercury continuous monitoring systems that are used in various plant locations during the testing process to evaluate the fate of mercury across the entire air quality control system.  Novinda professionals can apply EPA test methods for the gamut of regulated pollutants.

Novinda offers the following specific testing services:

  • Air pollution control technology evaluation trials (DSI, Hg control, ESP performance enhancement, scrubber re-emission)
  • Mercury CEMS RATA
  • Mobile mercury monitors
  • EPA Methods testing
  • QSTI certification

Professional Services

Environmental Performance Assessment
Novinda’s comprehensive source emissions expertise and operational experience provide an essential customized baseline assessment, and a detailed strategy for compliance with state and federal emissions control regulations.

Testing & Evaluation
In the new stricter regulatory environment, Novinda’s skilled engineers and air quality specialists offer immediate and reliable source testing for compliance, boiler process operational improvement and air quality control system evaluation.

Analysis & Recommendation
With a unique perspective gleaned from decades of experience and comprehensive testing, Novinda provides a powerful combination of quantitative results and qualitative analysis, leading to accurate testing data and reliable recommendations for implementing genuine solutions.

Utilizing a comprehensive systems view of each plant’s operations, Novinda offers a seamless connection between the results of chemical testing and the implementation of operational performance solutions, leading to more efficient, cost effective and compliant operations.

Compliance Testing
Knowledgeable about permitting issues and needs, Novinda offers full-scale multi-pollutant control testing and engineering services to capably address air quality issues and ensure regulatory compliance. 

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